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  • Blood Pressure UP

    Quick Overview

    Blood Pressure UP

    INGREDIENTS: Arnica (O), Ginger (O), Licorice Root (O), Calamus Root (O), Pau D’arco (O)
    OTHER INGREDIENTS: Vegetable Glycerin (Organic, Vegan, Wheat Free, Gluten Free & Non GMO).

    SUGGESTED USE: When problems arise, take 14 drops. If no relief, wait 30 mins to 1 hr and take again.

    Serving Size: 0.7mL %Daily Value (DV) Not Established

    Dry Herb/Menstruum Ratio – 1:2

  • Mushroom Magic Tincture 1 oz

    Quick Overview

    INGREDIENTS: Turkey Tail (WC), Maitake (WC), Lion’s Mane (WC), Shitake (WC) & Vegetable Glycerin (Organic, Vegan, Wheat Free & Non GMO).

    DOSING: Take 14 – 28 drops 1x /day for prevention of illness. Take 28 drops 3x /day for severely impaired immune system and illness.

    BENEFITS: Anticancer properties, stabolize blood pressure & glucose levels, improve immune system, help brain and cardiovascular function & improved energy levels.

    WC = Wild Crafted O = Organic