• Nausea and Vomiting Tincture 1 oz.

    Quick Overview

    INGREDIENTS: Anise (O), Ashwagndha (O), Sweet Basil (WC), Lemon Balm (O), Spearmint (WC), Icelandic Moss (O), Horehound & Vegetable Glycerin (Organic, Vegan, Wheat Free & Non GMO).

    DOSING: Take 28 drops as needed for nausea & vomiting.

    BENEFITS: Decrease nausea and vomiting, stomach pain, bloating, contains antioxidant properties, boost immunity, reduce stress and inflammation, aid liver & gallbladder, inflammation of the mouth & soothe mucus membranes

    WC = Wild Crafted O = Organic

  • Pregnancy Nausea

    Quick Overview

    Pregnancy Nausea

    INGREDIENTS: Raspberry Leaf (WC), Stinging Nettle (WC), Ginger (O), Peppermint (?), German Chamomile (WC), Wild Yam (O).

    OTHER INGREDIENTS:Vegetable Glycerin (Organic, vegan, wheat free, Gluten Free, Non GMO)

    . SUGGESTED USE: Take 14 – 28 drops as needed for spasmodic pain.

    Serving Size: 0.7mL %Daily Value (DV) Not Established

    Dry Herb/Menstruum Ratio – 1:2