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Responds quickly. Received the ordered items right away. Made with love.

Stacey Stover

Great tinctures that are all-natural, healthy, free of chemicals and a huge selection to choose from.

Sue Stanton

Massive thank you to Donovan and Darla. At the moment, From Roots is not able to ship to the UK. But while I was visiting Texas, they ensured I received my order quickly before I flew back home.

*From Roots is now able to ship to the U.K. as of 2022*

Laura Louise Kelly

Most helpful and informative wellness company. Right there with you to help you figure out alternative treatments.

Chantal Airielle

Excellent products & service! Amazing customer service.

Lucinda Pierce

Incredible products with powerful healing potential. I’ve been surviving late stage cancer for three years, and this has become a trusted resource in the struggle.

Kira Elischer

I've been using the anxiety and depression tincture and am so pleased with the immediate results I experience when I feel the anxiety coming on. Thank you so very much. It really helps with test anxiety.

Aleta Bradley Garrison

From Roots is amazing with amazing products. The people behind it are beyond helpful and really care about the people they aim to help.

Katie Pagnozzi

One of my dearest friends made me aware of this site and tinctures. Thank you, BSC. The tinctures are wonderful and have helped me get through the process of coming off the prescription pain meds that I have taken for many years.

I used the Opt Out, the Anxiety, Depression, and the Nerve Pain. I have had little to no withdrawal symptoms. The staff was so helpful in the emails we exchanged. They gave me suggestions and information to help with some of my other issues. Thank you so much for that. One last thing, the price is so affordable.

Julia Ann DeMasi

I have searched the internet for pure tinctures and these are the only ones I could find that I would spend my hard earned money on. They are so pure!! The Immune Boost is what kept me well (besides my good diet) this past flu season, and we all know it was a bad flu season. I've gone through a lot of stress these past 2 years after losing 2 siblings 2 months apart. So I starting using the Ashwaganda, and boy has it made a difference in my mood! I love their tinctures! Thank you all!

Lisa Ledet
Marshmallow Root Glycerite

INGREDIENTS: Marshmallow Root, Vegetable Glycerin, Distilled Water.

All ingredients are organic, vegan, wheat- and gluten-free, and do not contain genetically-modified ingredients.

Get back to your healthy life with our quality products.

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